About me? The whole thing? Probably a lot like you. Everyone has thier concerns and excitements.

Adopted at day 3. Soon after it was apparent that my new parents dna and mine were different.

6 years old and hated school. I remember pushing in this stupid tray called a "cubbie" that you kept your stuff in while you weren't in school. I remember thinking "I hate this, and I have 12 more years of this crap? Life sucks"

I was fascinated with airplanes. One, just becasue they were cool and two, becasue if you were on a plane, you weren't on earth so you weren't in school. They were a symbol of FREEDOM. 

But then, walking home from school one day and looking up at a plane with envy, I heard a strange sound. Sounded like a real mad bee. Looking down, I see a blue Yamaha IT 175 in full wheelie mode, screaming down the street towards me. This, instantly re-arranged my brain. I now believed that happiness through freedom could be had on earth. And this came via 2 wheels, a pair of handlebars and little knobs sticking out of the tires.

After a learning stint with BMX, the motored life began. A Honda Z 50, and XR75, RM80,RM125, YZ250,KX250,and a YZ 125. This,until the world of jet skis meant still making 2 strokes fast but your audience was girls in bikinis at the lake instaed of dirty guys in the desert or track. Loved the "real" jet ski days in the late 80's and early 90's.

Then a few stints with school, some inventions, some traveling, some records set and some championships won along with some books written, it was apparent I was much better at making the bikes, engines or jet skis fast and better than I was at racing them myself.

This worked well, as I got paid to play but also come up with things that made others riding experiences more enjoyable. We all win. 

Nowadays that continues and is still fun. With doing it so much and doing my Mr.Know It All magazine column, people assume I drink oil and eat bolts and just want to talk riding and bike stats. And nothing could be further from the truth. 

I like to travel and work on my ideas to help elderly people get around easier. I want to use my ideas to help many people's lives a bit more enjoyable. 

I appreciate you reading and giving the site a chance. I'm trying to make it a good source of info and parts that's really correct and not just more crappy info out there on the net. 

So back to work now, lots of ideas to try and times a tickin.  Read Success magazine, listen to Jim Rohn, realize the potential you have in you and don't let your life go by without being proud of all you did and all times you decided to be kind instead of get angry. These things make for a nicer life. At least that's what I've found.

                                                                         I hope for you a great ride in life,

                                                                                          Dave Simon